5 Signs You May Have Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is a very disturbing problem and gets worse at night. The most problematic part of the ailment is that it is very tricky to diagnose the same as symptoms might not be prominent when you go to see a doctor. If you do not understand what restless legs syndrome is, check if you have the following symptoms or not:

Symotoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

  • An irresistible urge for leg movement – Many people feel the strong urge of moving their limbs frequently. Along with the urge there are some strange sensations like tugging, gnawing, creepy, itching etc. This is a prominent symptom that you might be suffering from restless legs syndrome.
  • Symptoms tend to disappear or get better with leg movement – The symptoms that appear in restless leg syndrome tend to get slightly better and sometimes disappear completely when the legs move. The relief from the symptoms can be partial or complete. But the effects start taking place once the leg movements start or when there is some kind of activity taking place. Interestingly, the moment the leg movements stop, the symptoms stat reappearing.
  • Problem with falling asleep or remaining asleep – Usually people who suffer from restless legs syndrome have periodic limb movements within a sleep. The movements might occur at an interval of 20-30 seconds, almost all throughout the night. And obviously when such movements take place sleeping uninterruptedly, is a problem. While some people find it difficult to fall asleep with the syndrome, some cannot remain asleep with persistent leg movements.
  • Worst symptoms visible during the evening – Generally the symptoms of restless legs syndrome get worse during evening time. For some the symptoms keep on aggravating and continue for the rest of the night. Again in some nighttime remains peaceful with no signs of restless legs syndrome. There are also a few people in whom the symptoms are at their peak during day time.
  • Symptoms worsen with rest – In most health problems, physicians recommend taking rest for quicker recovery. In sharp contrast to this is the symptom of restless legs syndrome. Longer the person is at rest, higher is the chance of the symptoms aggravating. In fact the symptoms can get extremely severe when one is at rest. Movement is the sole medicine of this problem.

Though restless legs syndrome is nothing that can turn fatal, but there is no doubt that the symptoms are extremely irritating and annoying. If the symptoms persist for long, make sure that you have the problems diagnosed by a doctor.