6 health benefits of raw onion and garlic you never knew

Onions are pungent no doubt, but they impart flavour to any dish they are added to. If you can overlook the offensive breath that onion leaves you behind with, you will be pleasantly surprised at how eating an onion can in fact make you feel healthier.

These pink bulbs have antioxidant properties. But, that is not all. It also possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-carcinogenic properties apart from being rich in vitamins such as A, B complex, and C. It also contains trace amounts of potassium and iron.

beautiful hair

Improves hair growth-

If you suffer from extensive hair loss, it is time you try onion juice for your hair. The juice of onion not just prevents hair fall but also promotes hair growth by stimulating your hair follicles. Those suffering from alopecia will benefit from using onion for their hair. Apply coconut oil mixed with lavender oil every alternate day for best results.

Regulates Sugar Levels

Regulates Sugar Levels-

Allyl propyl disulfide, a compound of sulfur present in onions helps in promoting the production of insulin in the body and thereby reduces blood sugar levels in those suffering from both Diabetes Type 1 and 2.  Chromium present in rather small quantities in the herb, is said to improve your body’s tolerance to glucose.

Wards off cancer

Wards off cancer-

Consuming onions can help in preventing you from cancer of the lungs, ovary and stomach. Studies suggest that it can also ward off cancer of the bladder, prostate and even the brain. Flavnoids present in onions act as antioxidants that help in fighting cancerous cells.

Improves bone density

Improves bone density-

If you suffer from bones that feel and seem brittle or are at a risk of contracting osteoporosis, an onion a day will help you immensely. GPCS in onions is said to have bone healing and strengthening properties. Onions are also rich in sulfur that protect the connective tissues between the bones.

Helps in treating asthma

Helps in treating asthma-

A study conducted as recent as 2013, collaborates the fact that onions can in fact help relax the muscles in the airway and relieve symptoms of respiratory ailments such as asthma. This is because the two constituents of onions- quercetin and sulfur both have antioxidant properties that alleviate symptoms of asthma.

Improves and betters Oral health

Improves and betters Oral health-

Contrary to the misnomer that onions can leave you feeling pungent and smelling bad, they in fact improve oral health. Surprised? Here’s how! This veggie has anti-bacterial properties that ward off harmful bacteria that can cause gum ailments and cavities.