Banish piles with three simple home remedies

Did you know that piles also known as haemorrhoids, affects a large population across the world, at some phase of their lives? It is said that those in the bracket of 45 and 65 are most affected by Piles. What is Piles? Let us quickly understand that first, and then delve into simple remedies that can be employed at home to alleviate symptoms that accompany piles.

This is a rather common problem that many are afflicted with. It happens when the veins in both or either one of the anus or rectum begin to swell up. While some doctors say that prolonged sitting or standing can cause piles, the most common causes are, obesity, a low fibre diet, lack of exercise and even weight lifting! Many people who have a family history of piles, are bound to suffer from this condition at some point of time in their lives.

So, how can you deal with piles at home? While piles definitely needs, to be treated by a medical practitioner, these three simple remedies can ease the pain and discomfort caused by this condition.


Banish Piles at home

Banish Piles at home

We need not tell you how painful, it can be when you cannot sit or stand without feeling excruciating pain. If you have suffered from piles you will relate to the agony, we are speaking about. Ice is perhaps one of the best remedies, man has found to treat piles.

Apply a pack of ice wrapped in a cloth onto the affected areas. Do this as many times as you can, in a day. Hold the pack directly on the affected area and keep it until you cannot bear the cold, any longer. Ice helps in reducing the swelling by constricting the inflamed blood vessels.

Lemon juice:

How lemon juice helps to banish piles

lemon juice helps to banish piles

Now your favorite drink can come to your rescue! Dip a cloth into freshly made lemon juice and apply it onto the affected areas. You may have to put up with a slight tingling and burning feeling, but relief from pain is guaranteed. This potent juice is rich in nutrients that will help in strengthening the blood vessels and reduce swelling considerably.

Whole grain:


Munch on whole grain slices of bread, oats and barley if you suffer from piles. This is the easiest way to gain relief from pain that you face while passing motion. Being rich in fiber, these foods will help soften the stools and add bulk to it, which means there will be less strain during bowel movements. It also helps clean up your system and reduce the incidences of constipation.

Consuming olive oil too can considerably help those suffering from piles. Try a combination of the above said remedies, and you will suffer from less pain. These remedies also fast track your recovery and aid your existing medical treatment.