Brush The Germs Away

Ever since we were children, we were always told to brush our teeth twice a day. Once when you wake up and once when you go back to sleep. This is because you don’t want the bacteria to live in your mouth and make themselves at home. As the germs in your mouth can dissolve your teeth, which would lead to further complications. So, it was justified to brush your teeth twice a day, but did you know that there are a few health hazards that can be caused due to your toothbrush? We bet you didn’t.

Brush the germs away

a young woman brushing her teeth

Well, that’s why we are here, let us educate you with a few hazards of toothbrush.
Sharing is not caring:
We have always been told that sharing is caring, but not in all cases. The germs in our mouth are said to break down food with the enzymes and decay the teeth, if these germs are transferred from one person to another, this could cause an infection in the mouth. Hence it is recommended to not share toothbrush for even a day.
Flush your toothbrush:
Studies have shown the presence of more bacteria on your toothbrush than in your toilet seat. Want to know how? It is possible for your brush to have more germs if it is placed near a toilet. As every time you flush, tiny fecal matter and other germs could wind up on your toothbrush and then in your mouth and this is not good news for your teeth.
Lock the germs:
Have you ever conducted a biology experiment? Do you know the use of a petri dish? It is to store the specimen and to cultivate the same, so that we can study it. The same happens when we keep our toothbrush in a plastic. We believe that they are safe from the germs, but in reality the germs are breeding inside the plastic, which only make the case worse for you.
Use after expiry:
Just like the milk in your freezer, even your toothbrush has an expiry date. It is advised to change your toothbrush every three months, otherwise the worn our toothbrush can act like a hospitable environment for the germs.
So, even though you think you are safe by brushing twice or thrice a day, it is not all that safe. You need to keep your toothbrush safe & clean in order to keep your teeth sharp and strong. So remember these few health hazards and act accordingly.