Darker side of green tea unraveled

Green tea has been making the waves! It has revolutionized the beverage industry! Today, more and more people are shifting to green tea, owing to its therapeutic benefits and weight loss claims. But did you know this this tea that is said to have disease curing properties, has its own set of side effects too?

Side effects of green tea or Darker side of green tea that you should know

  • Contains caffeine: When we are asked to bring down the dosage of caffeine we consume on a daily basis, the first thing we take off the list is coffee! Many of us substitute the many cups of coffee we drink with green tea or lemon tea. But did you know that green tea too has a considerable quantity of caffeine in it? Drinking a cup too many of green tea can induce insomnia, nausea and even diarrhoea!
  • Interferes with other medication: This miracle herb that has been lauded to be an anti-cancer remedy, in reality can have a counter effect on your body’s capability to fight cancer. Polyphenols present in green tea that is said to heal cancer, are proven to block the anticancer properties of a commonly used cancer treating drug called bortezomib.
  • Increases the risk of contracting osteoporosis: Any more than 3 cups of green tea a day, can mean that you are leading to the flushing out of much needed calcium from our bodies. With all the calcium you consume being flushed out in your urine, you stand a higher risk of contracting osteoporosis, a condition often caused by brittle bones due to calcium deficiency.
  • Iron deficiency: If you are anaemic, you have every reason to stop drinking green tea right away! Over consumption of this fragrant tea can block the absorption of iron from the food we eat. This is caused due to the presence of tannins that are responsible for hindering iron assimilation.
  • Fasting blunder: If you are fasting, and think a cup of green tea will rejuvenate you, it is quite the contrary. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach can cause havoc to your digestive system. Do not drink green tea when on a fast as it can lead to severe toxicity and gastrointestinal problems.

Even an overdose of elixir can turn into poison and the same holds good with green tea. There is no denying that green tea, has myriad health benefits. But do not over do it! Drink this tea in moderation to reap the many health benefits it offers.