Health benefits of Basil

We get only one life, only one opportunity to achieve all that we want to achieve, only one chance to reach our goals. It seems only fitting that we do our fullest to seize this opportunity and what better way is there to start off on the path to success other than to look after your body. There are different food products that can nourish your body with the required nutrition, but nothing as natural as Basil.

uses of basil leaves

There are many important uses & Health benefits of basil leaves, here we have mentioned a few for you.

  • Treatment for common cold: Common cold, is so common that people get it every morning and lose it before lunch. Doesn’t take much to catch a cold, but for those people for whom it stays, here’s some application of basil leaves to help you. Basil leaves work great against the cold. Chew some fresh basil leaves during the period of cold or consume some basil leaves in hot water and your cold will run with its tail between its legs.
  • Relieves cough: That moment when you start coughing and it’s almost as bad as a heart attack, you feel like your lungs are going to be sneezed out through your mouth. Basil is here to help, boiling basil leaves with cloves is a great remedy for cold as well as for sore throat. They also help mobilize mucus, so it’s an effective treatment for respiratory problems.
  • Improves immune system: Studies have shown that basil leaves help improve the immune system drastically. Eat some fresh basil leaves every day and your immune system is guaranteed to grow stronger and more immune to some common diseases that circles the atmosphere.
  • Relieves stress: Basil leaves also have great use in stress busting. For all those people who have a stressful job that can get you to scratch your head by the afternoon, it is advised to chew 12 leaves of basil twice a day. This will not only relieve you of your stress, but also purify your blood.
  • Solves the problem of kidney stones: Basil also helps in strengthening the function of the kidney, so take five to six fresh basil leaves for a healthy kidney and never worry about kidney stones.

Health benefits of Basil

One leaf can have so many magical qualities, so you need to have basil leaves stacked up in your house, or tulsi leaves because basil leaves are just a little variant of tulsi leaves.