Health Benefits of the Diabetes fighter: Lucuma

Lucuma, a fruit not known to many is a native to Peru, Chile and Ecuador, and was discovered way back in 200 AD. Since then it has been used by those living in the Andean valleys, to treat a number of health ailments. This delicately flavoured fruit is now dried, powdered and sent to practically all parts of the world. Rich in iron, calcium, beta carotene and fibre, Lucuma is a wonder fruit that is also used as a substitute for sugar.

health benefits of Lucuma

A few of the many health benefits of Lucuma include:

Helps in regulating weight: This tropical fruit being in rich in fibre and low in calories helps in shrinking your waistline and accelerates weight loss. Those with a sweet tooth, use the powder of this fruit as a substitute for sugar, while making desserts and smoothies.

Wards off Celiac disease: Those who are allergic to gluten, can consume lucuma without worry or apprehensions. Being free of gluten. Lucuma also helps prevent celiac disease that is often caused by over consumption of gluten.

Improves digestion: Adding a spoonful of lucuma powder to your cooking will help in improving digestion. The fibre in lucuma flushes out the toxins in your body, and keeps your body healthy and ticking. It also reduces bloating, constipation and other digestive issues.

Keeps colds at bay: This fruit touted as the Gold of Incas, improves your immunity and keeps colds and coughs, several miles away. It has anti viral and anti bacterial properties, and hence are often used as a substitute for cold treating antibiotics.

Heals wounds: This super fruit also has anti inflammatory products. In the past, the pulp of the fruit was applied to wounds for quick healing. We suggest drinking a smoothie of lucuma, ginger and cinnamon that will build your body’s strength to fight infections.

Rich in iron: Lucuma is replete with iron. This means consuming lucuma improves and aids in the proper transportation of oxygen to all cells of the body. Doctors recommend  eating lucuma to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as it rich in iron, which is a vital nutrient that helps in fetus growth.

Improves eye sight: As mentioned earlier, lucuma is a good source of beta carotene that promotes cellular growth, improves immunity and also makes your eyesight better. Beta carotene in lucuma is also said to protect the body from contracting some forms of cancer like renal, liver, prostate and ovarian cancer.

Now that you have got a hint of the many benefits this exotic fruit has to offer, bring home this fruit when you head to the grocers next. Or simply, order powdered lucuma and add it to your food. Not only will your food taste wonderful, you will also be protecting your body from a host of infections!