Health Mistakes Women Make After Passing 50 Years Of Age

On reaching 50 years, many women think that their life is almost over. But it is not so. If a woman has good nutrition, gets regular exercise, goes for duly medical checkups and screenings and feels happy from within – 50 years is no age. In fact, it might just be the beginning of a new life where you can look better and enjoy more than you did previously.

The only thing you need to do is to avoid some health mistakes that women generally make. Here are some of them:

women health after 50

  • Do not tolerate menopause miseries – Menopausal symptoms like sleeping difficulties, hot flashes, urinary problems and vaginal discomfort are common in women. Many women think that these become friends for life after 50 and continue living with the same. But there are remedies available for the problems and should be adopted. Along with hormone therapy, there are other kinds of therapies and medications available to deal with menopause miseries.
  • Do not overlook heart health – Heart disease risks start higher in women and the problems aggravate with aging. Women who are obese, smoke and drink and lack exercises of any kind are at higher risk of such problems. Along with eating smart, exercising, quitting smoking and drinking, losing weight, it is also mandatory to carry out frequent tests of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol after a particular age.
  • Weight gain is not mandatory – It is true that chances of weight gain are high after 50 years of age, but it is not inevitable as well. With proper diet and exercising, weight can be kept under control. In fact various natural weight loss methods can be adopted as well as ensure that the weight remains within permissible limits. Moderate exercise and smart eating are two things which will help in keeping weight under control. 
  • Do not skip the new screenings – New medical screenings and blood tests will become integral parts of your regular medical checkup plan. Along with blood pressure, PAP, cholesterol, now other screenings should also be done, including colorectal cancer screening, mammogram, bone density screening, etc. Taking these tests will keep you tension free and let you enjoy life without any worries.
  • Sex is not over – It is true that sexual frequency might decrease with aging, but it need not stop completely. Recent survey reports have shown that even 75-80 years old have indulged in sexual relations at least 2-3 times in a month. In fact sex has shown to provide positive results in the form of improved pelvic muscle tone, better psychological health, healthy vaginal tissues and most importantly overall feel good factor.