Home Remedies For Hair Loss

50 shades of gray:
The skin isn’t the only problem during the time of aging. The next problem that people have phobias of being, Hair loss and Gray Hair.
The Gandalf Look:
The people in the lab have narrowed down the reasons for your hair changing color. Sorry to break it to you, but Gray hair doesn’t mean you’re wiser. There are quite a few reasons for gray hair, such as:
Excessive stress and depression: If you look at it in a different angle, depression and stress is meant to give you experience in life, which will also give you gray hair. But hey, you’re wiser with more gray hair, so guess I was wrong.
Genetically passed: Just like how our looks and physique is passed down to us by our parents, similarly the hair too. It is possible for the genes of gray hair to be passed along. That’s said, we find it so difficult to pass our exams, but genes pass so easily. (Lameness and pun intended)
Smoking habit: Seriously speaking, this is one way in which you can reduce the percentage of gray hair, STOP SMOKING; it does more bad than good.
Along with gray hair people also worry about no hair, i.e. losing their precious locks of hair. The reason for that, is more or less the same as for the graying of your hair.

Home remedies for hair loss

Here we are to tell you some simple treatment to treat your hair with.
Throw some acid in there:
Before you jump to conclusions, let’s rephrase, “Throw some Phosphoric Acid in there”. The hair loss or graying happens because of excessive depression and stress and Phosphoric acid is said to treat your hair in cases. Phosphoric acid, acting like sort of an anti-depressant, helps lift your mood up as well as restores the pigmentation of hair that has been destroyed by the effects of grief.
Smoothen scalp by removing dand-“ruff”: (pun very much intended)
Dandruff can be a major cause of hair fall and gray hair. These small dust like particles in our hair can cause more trouble than we think. It’s time to execute them. Phosphorus, the right tool for the execution. Phosphorus and anti-dandruff qualities in it which helps you rid yourself of the dandruff and also it helps smoothen your scalp.
Your worst enemy, “anemi”a:
People who suffer from anemia also get the misfortune of suffering from hair loss and gray hair. Because of the deficiency of blood, the scalps are not well nourished, which results in the loss of hair. The homeopathic medicines that help you treat such a situation is Natrum Mur. Tests have shown a promising result for people who have used this medicine in not only stopping hair fall, but also preventing their hair from turning color.

So enjoy these few tips and keep yourself younger for a long time.