How to Take Care of Your Feet Easily at Home

Feet are the most rigorously used part of our body and the most neglected of all. We are able to stand because of our feet; it takes all the body weight and pressure. But we take our feet for granted. Don’t the feet need care? Of course they do. It becomes absolutely necessary for all to take proper care of the feet. For this, you do not need to go to any spa and get your feet treated. Spend some minutes for some simple foot care at home itself:

foot care at home

Some Simple Tips For Foot Care At Home

  1. Washing the feet carefully is the first thing that is to be done to have nice feet. And washing means complete washing, below the feet and between the toes. Use a clean washcloth for the same and make it a practice to do this regularly. If you have problems in bending down and washing your feet, you can use a long-handled brush for the same. After the wash, be sure to dry the feet completely. Be careful about the areas between the toes. Water seems to be deposited there. This procedure helps in fighting bad odour of feet, fungal infections, athlete’s foot, and many other problems related to feet. 
  2. Avoid using Epsom salts for soaking your feet. They make the feet extremely dry and have no healing or soothing effect on the skin of the feet. Lukewarm water with some liquid soap is the best thing you can use to cleanse your feet. It would be good if the soap has skin softeners in it.
  3. Feet also need moisturizing, particularly in the winters. It is good to moisturize the feet after washing. For this, no special creams or lotions are required. Any cold cream or winter care moisturizers can be used. In winters, the skin may demand moisturizing several times a day as they tend to become dry quite often.
  4. If you wear socks or stockings regularly, change them every day. Use a fresh pair the other day. This allows the skin of the feet to breathe freely.
  5. Change shoes regularly. At least have two pairs of shoes. Wear them on alternate days. This is required as the shoes also require some time to air out. This helps in avoiding foot infections and bad odours.
  6. Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes. That is very important. Uncomfortable shoes can cause many problems of the feet. A deformity in the structure of the feet may also take place. Select shoes that provide good arch support and good shock protection.

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