Vitamin C and how it helps in fending cold?

Well, ever since our childhood we knew that orange juice was good for keeping cough and cold at bay. In fact, this was a myth which many people followed and opined that they got positive results from the same. But as per medical professionals and experts it is not completely true. They say that taking Vitamin C supplements on a regular basis might not be effective in reducing the risks of catching coughs and cold completely. But it is also true that Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in supporting the immune system in the body and this has been proven in medical research.

Vitamin C and how it helps in fending cold?

If you are confused about the role of Vitamin C in the body and whether it helps in fending cold, read on.

Vitamin C – some facts explored

The myth that Vitamin C could prevent the common cold and cough dated back to the 1960s and 70s. The myth was established by a scientist who claimed that high doses of Vitamin C helped him in keeping away from cough and cold for really long. Later researches proved that nothing of this sort was true. In fact, taking more than 2000 mg of Vitamin C per day could cause problems like stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

Actual benefits of Vitamin C

If you take Vitamin C supplements daily, there is no harm in the same. Though Vitamin C will not help in preventing cold attacks or not help with not feeling sick, but it will help in making the illness period shorter. In adults, the illness time came to be 8% shorter, while in kids it became shorter by 14%. Usually Vitamin C intake helps in strengthening the immune system. The amount of Vitamin C intake which is recommended is between 250-1000mg for an adult. Higher dose of Vitamin C is not good, but taking it in right dose will help in keeping the immune system running. Vitamin C supplements are great for chronic smokers and elderly people as it helps in reducing oxidative stress from the body.

Getting the right amount of Vitamin C

Apart from taking Vitamin C supplements, there are also easy ways of getting Vitamin C. Any kind of citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C. Drinking orange juice, steamed broccoli and other citrus fruit juices help in satisfying the Vitamin C requirement in the body. Before starting to take an additional Vitamin C in your diet, it is recommended to seek advice from your general physician.